Every day is a battle.
But today is the
8th of March.
Our day.

On this 8th of March we remind ourselves what society we want and want society we fight for on daily basis.

We want free, accessible and quality
education that will enable each of us to achieve
her full potential.

We want life without fear and exploitation
and society with zero tolerance to violence.

We want the right to a safe home,
so we can decide about our own future.

We want a society where each of us

has possibility to work in dignity
and provide her economic existence.

We want a society of solidarity,
where we take care of each other.

We want a society where our voice is heard.

We want a society where we equally make decisions
about all aspects of life.

We want a society where we cherish our mutual differences
and build better lifes together.

Happy International Women's Day!